Disintegration-style guitars, some faded glamour and a chorus that weakens your knees: "Taking Chances" is the triumphant new single from Sharon Van Etten. Musically it tells a story that will have you on the edge of your seat. This only makes the release of her Are We There LP more feverishly anticipated. It’s out from May 26th/27th on Jagjaguwar.

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RY X | “Berlin”

This is some Bon Iver-esque, tearfest goodness right here.

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Hard Believer is the opening and title track from Fink’s forthcoming fifth studio album, produced by Billy Bush.

This track is highly influenced by Tinariwen rhythms. Can’t wait for the rest of the new record.

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Death Vessel, the atmospheric folk-pop project of Joel Thibodeau and his other-worldly, high-registered croon recently released his long-awaited third album, Island Intervals via Sub Pop. The lushly organic and breathtaking new album might be the most beautiful thing you hear all year and was recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland with like-minded producer Alex Somers (Juliana Barwick, Sigur Ros) and Sigur Ros singer, Jónsi, who also guests on the standout track, “Ilsa Drown”. Alongside plinking pianos, and hypnotic, cascading guitars, their equally distinct voices blend together so well that sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the two. The album sets out and succeeds in creating a captivating daydream of a world that you will not want to be woken up from anytime soon.

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"Stranger in Moscow" by Tame Impala // Originally by Michael Jackson (Original 1996 // Cover 2014)

Well, this is an interesting choice for a cover. Kevin Parker, Tame Impala frontman, has shared a cover of Michael Jackson's 1996 single, “Stranger in Moscow”,  on his Soundcloud page. Unsurprisingly, it’s an atmospheric and hypnotic beauty. The swirling, psych pop production is extremely effective against the original’s melodically rich composition. It’s kind of one of those great examples of how solid songwriting just translates well. Parker doesn’t have to do a whole lot to make it sound very much like one of his own, but at the same time, when heard side by side with the original, it’s still quite similar - yet, on the outside you wouldn’t expect MJ and Tame Impala to have all that much in common. It’s a pretty killer take all the same, and a nice little one-off from the Tame Impala crew.


Florida’s Hundred Waters come through with a Best New Track for their hushed, Björk-like "Down From the Rafters".